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Orville and Wilbur WrightABOUT THE PROGRAM: On December 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright changed the course of history right here in our local area by completing the first sustained and controlled powered flight.  Through hard work and refusal to accept their many failures, they led the way into the sky.  They were able to go from repairing bicycles to inventing planes by setting a goal and striving to achieve it.

Named for the Wright brothers, Wright Flight of North Carolina is a chapter of Wright Flight, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded in 1986.  Its founder, Lieutenant Colonel Robin Stoddard, served in the United States Air Force as an attack-aircraft pilot and has devoted more that 25-years making Wright Flight a successful program.

OUR MISSION: We believe that the Wright brothers' example of setting goals and achieving them through hard work and discipline can be used as a model for today's youngsters.  The Wright Flight program accomplishes this by using the motivational power of aviation to help kids do better in school, highlighting the importance of education.

HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS: Working in our local schools, Wright Flight of North Carolina uses aviation to motivate our students.  Every student enrolled in the program sets specific academic and behavioral goals, which is called the "Wright Flight contract."   In their contract each student, in conjunction with their parents and teachers, sets a challenging but realistic personal goal. The preferred goal is to raise a grade in school (for example, to raise a C to a B in math class), however other academic or behavioral goals may be included.  Each student then outlines the steps they need to take in order to achieve their goal.  In addition to meeting this goal, each student receives a series of seven, one-hour, aviation history lessons in their classroom, and must must pass an exam on these lessons with a grade of 85-percent or higher.  Lastly, each student is required to honor a pledge to remain drug, alcohol and tobacco free.

Those student who successfully complete the Wright Flight program are presented with a Wright Flight completion certificate, and a Wright Flight t-shirt at an assembly in their honor.  Each graduate also is rewarded with an exciting aviation-related experience consisting of their choice of either a hands-on flight with an experienced and licensed pilot on one of our "fly-days," or a session in a flight simulator.  Our students really EARN their Wright Flight experience.  The experience in completing their contract builds self esteem and teaches them that through commitment and hard work, they can achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

The beauty of the program is that it works to motivate kids of all typesunderachievers, at-risk, physically challenged, and even the brightest students.  For many, it's a life changing lesson.

PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS: Currently, Wright Flight of North Carolina offers this challenging and exciting program to 133 fifth-grade students at First Flight Elementary School and Nags Head Elementary School.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Parents of our students are asked to frequently consult our calendar of events to keep up-to-date with upcoming activities.

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INFORMATION FOR PARENTS OF STUDENTS: As a parent, you may have many questions concerning our program.  We have prepared an informational letter for you which should provide you with an overview of the program, as well as it's goals and objectives.  Should you have any additional questions, always feel free to contact us or your child's teacher.

Informational Letter for Parents

INFORMATION FOR PARENTS OF WRIGHT FLIGHT GRADUATES: Information about redeeming your child's flight with Barrier Island Aviation is provided at the link, below.

Your Child's Flight with Barrier Island Aviation

RECENT GRADUATES: Below are some photographs of our graduates participating in various activities associated with Wright Flight. 

Wright Flight Graduation

A group of Wright Flight graduates from Nags Head Elementary School proudly display their graduation certificates to the audience.

Student Projects

Two of our students show their reports and scratch-built models that they constructed as part of Wright Flight's aviation history requirement.

Reading an Essay

One of our graduates reads her essay, "What Wright Flight means to me" to those assembled at the 2010 Wright Flight graduation ceremony.

Checking Out and Airplane

While awaiting his flight, one of our graduates checked out Barrier Island Aviation's 1942 Waco UPF-7 biplane.

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